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If you have examined the relationships of your life, you may feel that there are many boundaries in all relations. In some relations, you may not able to express your feelings and in others, there may be age barrier. But there is one relationship where there are no boundaries - yes that is the relation of friendship. You can share almost everything with your best friend. Your best friend can understand you better than anyone else. He/she is the person, with whom, you dare to be yourself. Your present your real self in front of him/her.

So I would like to share some best friend quotes to make you feel the importance and your responsibilities towards your best mate.

"The secret of friendship is good listener."
In this busy world, no one has time to listen you. But your best friend not only spares time to listen you, but also feel your pain. So you should also develop the qualities of good listener to make a strong friendship bond with each others.

"Best friends are better than boyfriends."
It is right and can be seen practically. Your boyfriend may put boundaries and may ask lots of questions for any of your actions. But your best friend wants to make you feel free. He/she supports your decisions and care for you without any self interests. So friendship is better than any other relation. It gives an ultimate pleasure.

"Life without friends is death without witness."
Life is all about making good friends and move ahead with them. They make you feel special and love you a lot. Life without friends is nothing but depressing. Our best friends help us to develop us as a better human being. So friendship is really a wonderful thing to learn something.

"Life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose."
The journey of our life can be more beautiful if we improve and take care of our efforts, attitude and friends. If we choose right friends, our lives become more smoother. So caution while choosing friends. They can make your life heaven or hell.

By Bhawna K

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Friend Quotes

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