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Finding a true love is not easy neither hard. True love don’t know the boundary, time or anything else. Love could be in between you and your parents, your dog, cousin, friends, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Love is a unconditional that not come in a box nor you can expect from other person that how he / she loves you. You can just love him / her without any condition. Remember that you do not own anyone and you can’t expect that other person will love you the same but you can do your job – i.e spread love.

A pure love comes from deep inside with any condition just like our God love to us without any wish or condition. Our God never expect anything from us nor he wanted to give it back – he just love his child.

Best example of Pure love would be in between mother and child; God and us; You and your dog, You and your spouse – these are just perfect example of true love. Leave your comment what do you think about Love, don’t hesitate.

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Love Quotes

Love Quotes

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Love Quotes